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The Purple One has passed on from this world...

Stuff & Things

This Tweet sums up perfectly what I fear the next few years will be like...

Anthony Jeselnik makes me laugh...

This is one of my favorite Walking Dead memes from the back half of season six.


2016 shaping up to be a good year for Underworld fans. A new Album, Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future, is due out in March. They've already released the first single (watch & listen below). And they are touring once again including Coachella and a hand full of other US stops. For their full tour check UnderworldLive.com.

underworld ihatepeacocks barbra barbra we face a shining future preview Click to listen to a preview of the new album

And for grins, here is one of the best Underworld song's from the 2012 Olympics:

Things and Stuff

Personally, I hate The Big Bang Theory.
I think it is sexist, dumb and poorly written. IO9.com recently posted an article giving me another reason to hate this stupid show. On a recent episode, they make reference to the Saga comic, arguably one of the best comics of this century. Did they mention it for its cultural significance or its ground breaking writing and art?
They only mention it because it has featured breasts on the cover.
Don't believe me, See for yourself:

saga io9 big bang theory comic Click to read the IO9.com article "Reminder: The Big Bang Theory Is the Goddamned Worst"

This show is crap. It always has been. Here, watch it without the laugh:

I could rant about this all day, but thankfully I found a video that sums up my feelings about this shit show quite succinctly:

Are you having a hard time figuring where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stand on key Political Issues? Well, you're in luck then. Below is a slideshow that very clearly illustrates how each of these two Presidential Candidates feel on some of the most important issues facing America today:

Stuff and Things

In The Walking Dead News, actress Alicia Witt is joining the cast. Since they have already finished filming Season 6, I can only assume she will be appear in Season 7. I am excited because we here at ihatepeacocks are big fans. Not only is she an amazing & beautiful actress, but as a child she was Alia Atreides in David Lynch's Dune. So to us, she will always be Saint Alia of The Knife, sister of Muad'Dib!
Click the pic to read more from ComicBook.com:

alicia witt the walking dead dune alia justified Alicia Witt will be joining the cast of The Walking Dead

I have been on a True Detective kick lately. Well, Season 1 at least because let's be honest, Season 2 isn't worth re-watching. I've also been enjoying the hell out of the return of The X-Files. So I was pretty excited to find a video that redoes the X-Files intro sequence in True Detective fashion. Click the pic to check it out:

the x-files the xfiles true detective video The X-Files Intro done in True Detective Style

So I found this interesting post about an article in Carnival Magazine from a 1953 in which Bettie Page posed for pictures to let "Strip-Teasers" know how much skin they were allowed to show in different states. It's worth a glance:

bettie page strip teasers Click to see more from DangerousMinds.net

Here is your random .GIF of the Day:


The 2016 GalaxyFest is fast approaching. ihatepeacocks will be there and we hope to see a lot of you there as well. Click the pic for more details and ticket information:

galaxyfest 2016 colorado springs comic con convention galaxy fest GalaxyFest 2016

The X-Files are Back

Here are a few pictures I've made to celebrate:

the x-files xfiles scully mulder lol meme ihatepeacocks Click to see more X-Files posts on our Tumblr page

From our Tumblr :

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