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About Us

We here at the ihatepeacocks command center are commited to bringing you only the best in Soft Serve Technology and Preimium lulz at discount prices. And by discount we mean free.
We are nerds and we make bad jokes and funny pictures. has been online since 2008 and has helped improve the life of everyone who has ever seen it. Or at least we'd like to think that.

We are into all sorts of stuff and we post what we're into.
We also travel to a lot of the major Comic Cons & SciFi conventions
each year and posts pictures from our adventures.

Plus........we post pictures of boobs every now and then.

The ihatepeacocks Gang


Jason aka nosajmunson

Supreme Geek Overlord and Mastermind.

He once used a peacock as a cannonball during an assualt on Hot Topic. He has devoted too much of his life to the internets and has a very unhealthy obsession with Nic Cage. No seriously, he does.

Operative X
Political Guy & Self Proclaimed Master of the deadly art of ranting.  He set the Yahoo! record for the most comments on Yahoo News Articles in one day. He also coined the phrase "White Leather Belt".

The Roman
Hot Smug Dispenser & Searcher of the Lost Deals.
Once used a groupon to get a full refund on a free dinner he didn't eat. He is also one of the biggest comic collectors in the world. CGC asks him to grade them.

Agent OlmTreeHomeSted
Director of Humanities and Troll/Hipster Hunter
OlmTreeHomeSted is a Master of the Forbidden Do Kwan Tae and once used his hands & feet to save 10 women from once. He is our director of humanity and lets the rest of us know when we're being assholes.

Darth Tom
80's Messiah and Master of the Kevin Bacon Hair.
Darth Tom does what Darth Tom does because Darth Tom is Darth Tom.

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