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June 1, 2013


We are heading to the Denver Comic Con today.
We'll post some pictures all over the place when we get back.
For now, enjoy some random stuff....

Yer sexxxxxxeeeee
He is my Captain

And here is a video of this touching encounter


Read about the asteroid that passed by Earth yesterday.
HAPPY CATURDAY - Click for a treat

May 31st, 2013

Video of the Day:


The Roman found the new "Machete Kills" trailer.
You must watch it...NOW:

Hells Yeah!
Since we are talking about Charlie Sheen, click it to WIN

In "My Favorite TV Show Currently" News:


HANNIBAL was picked up for a second season.
This makes Dr. Lecter very happy but Will Graham isn't so excited:

hannibal-season-2-hannibal-lecter-will-graham-lols Click to read more from

Speaking of Hannibal, last nights episode "Buffet Froid" was weird and bizarre and terrifying.
Hannibal is a master of manipulation.
And it looks like I am not the only one that liked his raincoat:

hannibal-lecter-patrick-bateman-raincoat-buffet-froid-lol-ihatepeacocks Now we are really starting to see Hannibal's grand plan.

We are going to the Denver Comic Con this weekend, hope to see you there:

May 30, 2013

mc_chris_ig88_57_chevy_ihatepeacocks_sotd This is the best version yet


Let's start today with some *.gif fun:

I'm not religious, but I thank Jesus for Nicolas Cage
I think Hannibal has someone stuck in his teeth
My Dream Job

This is worth watching for some good awkward lols:

"Why'd you put your dick on the Pizza?"

Here is your picture of the day:

cocaine-is-a-hell-of-a-drug-hot-goth-girl-lulz Cocaine is a hell of a drug

May 29, 2013

sotd-5292013-ghostbusters-magic-ihatepeacocks Let's make some...

And in Music News...

Trent Reznor has annouced a new Nine Inch Nails Album & Tour after 4 years off.

nine-inch-nails-trent-reznor-returns-with-new-album-2013 Click to read more from

Political Peacocks...

I remade this based on a Tshirt Design I saw on
It just goes with the Ghostbusters Theme today.

Agent OlmTreeHomeSted inspired this one:

Click to check out our "Political Peacocks" page


I finally watched "Flight" last night.
I made this image to try and explain the movie better for anyone who has not seen it:

Boobs, Drinking, Drugs, Plane Crash, Drinking, Drinking, Drinking, Drinking

May 28th, 2013

videodrone-billy-idol-long-live-the-new-flesh-for-fantasy FLESH



This is your PICTURE OF THE DAY from Johnny Cobra

Sweet Jesus on a Luck Dragon, this is worthy of much something something

This gem comes from our man RyCon.

I just don't have the proper word for this...

Troll Quotes: When Geek Worlds Collide
from Agent OlmTreeHomeSted:

Click for more tasty Troll Quotes


I can't remember if I have posted this before or not...
Here is a cool little article about Sigourney Weaver, written by Sepecial Effects Masters
Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff, Jr:

The REAL Alien Queen: Sigourney Weaver


Movie Review Time

I have been catching up on movies "I've wanted to watch"  these past weeks.
And I am going to share my thoughts on each one.
But instead of writing some long lengthy review of each,
I am going to make pictures showing how I felt about each one.
Click each pic to check out more on the movie from

You'll never look at a chicken leg or Matthew McConaughey the same way again
Tom Cruise stars in this action blah blah blah blah
How can you screw up Pyramid Head?
Well acted but the plot was dumb dumb dumb

May 27, 2013 - Memorial Day

Good song for Memorial Day
A good Memorial Day message
Happy Memorial Day from Hobo Lunchbox
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HUNG UP ON RETRO is one of my favorite sites/blogs on the internets.
So, when the mastermind behind that site, Donna, contacted me
about doing an interview of sorts, I jumped at the chance.

Click this picture to read Hung Up On Retro's post about ihatepeacocks!
(And be sure to check out the site often)

ihatepeacocks-nosajmunson-interview-on-hung-up-on-retro Click it!


long-live-the-fighters-dune-ihatepeacocks- WE COME FOR YOU!
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