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I wish Alice Murphy was my boss

June 6, 2013

nin-came-back-haunted-new-song-2013-SOTD Check out the new song from NIN

Stuff from the ihatepeacocks family


Our Man RyCon has started a new online store to sell his sweet ass designs.
Chrck out his new Facebbok Page as well.
Then go see all the schwag on at his online store:

cosmic-catalyst-online-store-mormon-thug-life-design-win I'm buying a Thug Life shirt for sure

The Roman got to meet Matt Kindt, the man behind the MIND MGMT, at the Denver Comic Con. Turns out The Roman's beard made a big impression on Matt.

the-roman-matt-kindt-mind-mgmt-phillip-k-dick-ihatepeacocks You gotta admit, he does look like Phillip Dick

ihatepeacocks-has-a-crush-on-maribeth-monroe-alice-murphy-workaholics Oh Alice...

What The Hell Mankind?

June 3, 2013

Taking a few days off

I am going to take a few days off from updates.
I will be back and posting again by Wednesday or Thursday.
Be sure to watch the "Toy Hunter" on Wednesday on the Travel Channel.
This is the Episode that was filmed at the Colorado Springs Toy and Comic Con.
You may just catch a glimpse of the ihatepeacocks crew.

While I am away, check out some of our pics from
The Denver Comic Con this past weekend.

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