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This week just went to shit

June 14, 2013

Well, Colorado Springs is on fire...again.
As I type this, the Black Forest Fire is still raging out of control.
{ Here is our "coverage" of the Black Forest Fire on Tumblr. }
I was going to rant about the NSA,
but there are more important things to immediately worry about.

And I have run out of time this week to post all the wonderful things I wanted to show you.
For the next few days, I will be posting on Tumblr only.


So be sure to check our Tumblr Blog often.


I will be posting many photos over the next few days of Colorado.


So until I return, I leave you with these:

Look out!
Red Dawn_Riff Trax Crew_Joel McHale_ihatepeacocks2 Click this right now!
ihatepeacocksinternet-fact-peacocks-colorado-nuclear-fire Click to learn more Interesting "Internet Facts" from your friends here at ihatepeacocks
Click it, I dare you

I'm warning you now, I think it's gonna be a Rant filled week.

June 10, 2013

sotd-6102013-melody-sheep-let-us-all-unite-ihatepeacocks I dedicate this to my little engineer/online hockey Prodigy.

 Happy Monday

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