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June 21, 2013

How many times did he say that?


Song's OK, but I LOVE that heavy electronic baseline.

Today is the first day of summer.

I personally hate the sun, but from what I've been told many other people like it.
But I love camping, fishing, time outside with the family and traveling.
To me, that's what summer is all about.
So here's to Summer!

This video always make me happy.

The Hannibal Season Finale was last night.
And what a mind-bending-fuckaroo it was.
Seriously, I have not been into a show this much in a long time.
After only 13 Episodes, I would put this in my top 10 shows of all time.

I am NOT going to recap or break down my "feels" from the Finale.

Instead, here are pictures I made and some screen shots I took.
Some I have already posted to Tumblr, some are new.

If you want more Hannibal stuff to tide you over until the show's return next year,
check out show creator Bryan Fuller's Twitter
I also recommend checking out the Hannibal Wiki.

Just uploaded a fresh batch of SOON.
Click the pic

Sad Day

June 20, 2013

You made us laugh you Jackass

Sad Times
Today is the 2 year Anniversary of Ryan Dunn's death.
Yesterday, Tony Soprano died.
James Gandolfini died of a heart attack yesterday in Italy. This news saddens us greatly because all of us here at ihatepeacocks were fans. Rest in Peace. Tony Soprano is, was and always shall be our favorite mobster.
Read More from NPR

Click to listen to his Theme Song

Slim Whitman also passed away yesterday.
He was a nice guy with a good voice and a clean suit.
Plus he saved us all from some dickhead Martians.

Click the pic if you don't believe me

To change pace...

I have been meaning to post this badass motherfucking video for months.
Check it out:

This is pretty rad, watch and enjoy.

Coming Melted Butter

June 19, 2013

the-death-set-6-different-ways-to-die-vhs2-ihatepeacocks2 No Kiss Kiss, just Bang Bang and then you come back

So, in addition to be disgusting, turns out Paula Deen is a raging racist.
The National Enquirer (yes, that National Enquirer) reports Paula Deen was giving a deposition " which she admits that 'Yes, of course' she throws around racial slurs at work and thinks an elegant idea for a wedding might be to staff it with black men pretending to be slaves."

From a slightly more reputable source, click this to read the article on


I have updated my favorite picture of Paula Deen to reflect her butter soaked racism.
Click it to get a look at what goes on inside her head:

Melted Butter


June 18, 2013

sotd-6182013-ratm-freedom-ihatepeacocks2 FREEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOMMMM

And in "Modern Republicans Are Dicks" news...

As if we needed another reason to hate Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Click the pic to read more on the "Texas Sized" Asshole's latest fuckhead decision:

According to Rick Perry, the equal pay for women bill would have hurt "job creation"

In much Happier News....

mc chris is returning to Colorado for a show in Denver on July 30th, 2013.
Click this pic to buy tickets:

The ihatepeacocks will be there

In "This is the creepiest shit I've seen all day" News....

This Fake Tic-Tac video is the weirdest and most creepy fake commercial
I have ever seen.
Click the pic to enjoy...

Seriously............they're just 4 calories?

And finally, in "Documentaries I want to see" News....

I am really excited to see the new J.D. Salinger documentary.
But from watching this trailer, you'd think he was a fucking terrorist.
Regardless, I am excited. I don't know what to do, other than become a deaf-mute.

He was a writer, not a serial killer

Beware of Flips Flops - Always be Cautious, Always be Careful, Never be Douchy

June 17, 2013

sotd-flogging-molly-june-17-2013-ihatepeacocks2 Let's start the week off with some Flogging Molly, my love.

I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, so....
To All the Dads out there, Happy Father's Day 2013

We point out the bad Dads so we can apperciate the good ones

  The Black Forest Fire has turned a corner.
Thankfully it is now more than 60% contained.
While the homes lost is near 500, the number of homes saved is over 2,000.
Hopefully they can continue to push hard and get it all the way out this week.
Then we can help the folks of Black Forest start to pick up the pieces.

Rich-Harvey-colorado-springs-wildfire-black-forest-fire-meme Rich Harvey and firefighters fighting the Black Forest blaze are badasses

 The latest round of NSA scandals piss me off.
It pissed me off when Bush Jr. did this shit and it pisses me off when Obama does it.
To read my rants & posts on the subject, click this:

the-nsa-does-NOT-approve-of-this-post Click
Sexy-Sasha-Grey-NSA-Prism-Tube-Commercial-video-funny-or-die Click Sasha Grey here for a Sexy new NSA commercial.

 V/H/S/ 2

First off, click this to watch the Red Band Trailer:

VHS2-safe-haven-screen-caps-ihatepeacocks These screen caps are from the segment "Safe Haven"

I enjoyed this movie. While not perfect, it packs quite a shocking & gory punch
Click this to read my review:

Worst Slumber Party....EVER.

Music Videos to Watch

These are worth checking out again and again:

filter-what-do-you-say-video-link-ihatepeacocks2 Great Video for my favorite track off of Filter's new album
bill-hicks-george-carlin-the-big-electron-meldoy-sheep-video I can't get enough of this track
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