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I <3 Giant Robots

July 19, 2013

gaint-robots-kick-ass-gundam-evangelion-eva-ihatepeacocks2 Click to see how I feel about Giant Robots
Click to see the full size picture

Lots of Good Stuff Coming out of the SD Comic Con 2013


Seeing all of the cool reports coming from Comic Con, I am a little sad that I didn't go this year. But when I think about the lines to get in line for something, I'm not that sad.


Check out some of the goodies that have come out of the first 2 days of Comic Con



Looks like it contains a shit ton of extras including a fucking awesome Gag Reel.
For more Hannibal Updates from SDCC, click here
Watch part of the Gag Reel from

Oh Hannibal...don't talk with your mouth full.


The Cast & Crew of the X-Files reunited for the 20th Anniversary.

Click the pic to read more:

This is a Panel I would have stood in line for...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has some great coverage of the Dealer's Room.

Click the pic to read some of the great stuff they have found so far this year:

Tons of sweet schwag and the booths look great, like the Walking Dead Booth here


Rotten Tomatoes has a sweet Cosplay Photo Gallery going.

They are posting pictures of everyone, not just the hot cosplay fangirls:

Great Gallery of Cosplayers seen so far this year at SDCC 2013

Working Hard At Getting Nothing Done

July 17, 2013

Bückstabü is a made up word that means what ever you want it to

Here is some shit that made me laugh...

Epic Troll
Florida - The Worst State
Let's open this pit up kids.
Let's play Tetris Motherfuckers

Keeping this bitch updated ain't easy

July 16, 2013

To make a mess and fuck all the rest, we say, we say...So What!

Busy Times


I've been on the go a lot lately and haven't been able to update here.
Thankfully, I am getting caught up.

We were in Estes Park/Mary's Lake Colorado over the weekend.
Took some great pictures, I will post those later this week.
While we were up there, we found a great Pie Bakery.
I have been in a coffee and pie mood since
OlmTreeHomeSted sent me that Twin Peaks Coffee/Pie video.

YOU NEED PIE! hit the spot.
Monster Slices of Pie and a cup of Joe for $5.
I went there twice and got Strawberry Rhubarb pie both times.
The pie was damn good and the coffee good and strong.
If you are ever in Estes Park, go check this place out.

Tasty, Tasty Pie!!! So good. Click to see their pie menu!


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