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When I stand on the mountain and say do it - it gets done

August 13, 2013

PICTURE OF THE DAY - Click for an animated treat

Religions are funny

More posts from me on Scientology

So I posted the pic below on Imgur with a headline that said
"Something to keep in mind while watching a Tom Cruise movie"

Boy did that unleash some waves of butt-hurt.
It seems many people were upset that I was making fun of Tom Cruise and his religion.
One person actually said:
"Say what you will about his life choices but he makes good movies."

I am glad to see Tom Cruise has lots of friends on the internets.
I hope they are just as supportive of him when he finally comes out of the closet.

Click to read all the Tom Cruise butt hurt this post sirred up on Imgur
Story Time Jesus is so silly




On (in the US & UK) you can now download NIN's new single
for free. Of all the new NIN tracks I've heard off of the upcoming new album,
I like this one the most. Go download it now while its still free!

Click to download the song
All of the 2013 shows and so much more
Demi Lovato better watch out, Goku takes that orange suit seriously.
Dance Baby Dance

Back to the Grind, saving the world

August 12, 2013

I'm not a slave...

Just another day at the office

I am on a Gundam kick

Click to check out my Gundam posts

Metroid: Enemies Within

Metroid: Enemies Within is Kickstarter project for a 10-minute live-action fan film based on Nintendo's science-fiction action-adventure video game series Metroid.
ihatepeacocks is going to support this project because I am a big Metroid Fan.
And I think this looks great.
Click the pic for more details:

Watch the video on their Kickstarter page.
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