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Back from LA, now off to New York!

October 9, 2013


The first song of the day today is RUIN by Lamb of God.
Good song to put some hair on your ass. When I need to get the blood pumping, this song always does the trick.


The second song of the day today is THE ONE by White Zombie.
A good Rocktober song plus it seems fitting since I just escaped LA.


The third song of the day today is LOS ANGELES by Sugarcult.
We had a fucking blast in Los Angeles last week. This was our unofficial theme song.




We are heading to The Big Apple for the New York Comic Con.
I still have a lot of pics to post from LA last week but no time to post them here today.
If we have time, I'll update the site from out Hotel Each night
to recap the day's adventures.
So, while we are in New York, I'll be posting pics to our Instagram Account,
Tweeting, posting to our Facebook Page and Our Tumblr Blog:


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Your Movie Today is about the ULTIMATE Mama's boy:

Psycho (1960)
A boy's best friend is his mother...
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