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We're Adorable Creatures with Unacceptable Features

October 26, 2013

My tribute song to the movies Session 9 and The Prince of Darkness



Session 9


One of my all time favorite scary movies.
Click the pic to watch the first 10 minutes.

Click to watch

Atack of the Random

I feel like the ass end of the London Underground.

October 25, 2013

ROCKTOBER - This one goes out to John!





I am not going to say anything about this movie,
other than it will shock the hell out of you by the end.
You'll never see where this is going.

Click the pic to watch the trailer.

Trust me, watch this movie.

We like Naked Vampire Women from Outer Space

October 24, 2013

ROCKTOBER - We're teenagers from mars and we don't care





Sexy Naked Space Vampires come to earth to steal the "Life Force" of Mankind.
OK, it is cheesy, sure but Lifeforce is a pretty good
(and often overlooked) Sci-Fi horror film.
Yes, Mathilda May being naked in 89% of her scenes helps.
But even if you factor that out, it's still a pretty good movie.
Certainly original and it does have a classic Gothic Horror overtone.

  "Lifeforce may come to be considered a noteworthy science-fiction film precisely because it is so relentlessly unsentimental and edgy.  This film displays a sensibility so odd, so unfamiliar, that it may prove one of the most subtly original sf films of the 1980s...The film has something to offend almost everyone but offers much for serious analysis."

- Brooks Landon, The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, 1988, page 276.

Lifeforce 1985 French Poster Space Vampire Click to watch the NSFW Trailer
OK, fine, Click to see the best part of the Movie...nsfw

The Goth Kids are back on South Park,
in the Episode "Dawn of the Posers".
It certainly is now one of my favorite episodes of South Park.

Click to watch

Click to watch the best Anonymous Techno Dance Party Video...EVER!

Nicky Romero - Toulouse

We don't have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with

October 23, 2013

ROCKTOBER - props to The Death Set for this one. It has an Alien Sex Fiend vibe to it.



The Pact


OK, I'm just going to say it, this movie scared the hell out of me.
And I don't frighten easy at horror movies.
The story is almost cliche:
haunted house, dark family secrets, creepy girl who can talk to the dead.....
But trust me, this is anything but cliche.

From TV Ate My Baby:

"This movie brings new meaning to 'what goes bump in the night.' A horror film that manages to be both creepy and smart, The Pact is firmly rooted in what could be fact rather than paranormal science when a young woman returns to her childhood home to deal with the aftermath of her mother's and sister's deaths. The events in this movie become even scarier when you realize what's behind all the disappearances and deaths in the supposedly haunted house."


Click to watch the trailer
Mommy, who is that man behind you?



Enjoy some lulz...

Wanna Play?
Damn you all to chestbursting hell!
Fuck you Tiny Tim, Ikea ain't cheap!
Riff Trax Trivia Slides are the best...
Don't be sad, there's always other fish in the sea guys.
It's a Miracle they even survived. Nice job Adam...

When you're a vampire, the light of day can keep you up all night

October 22, 2013

ROCKTOBER: V is for Vampire, V is for Blood. Give me your money & I'll give you my love.



Let The Right One In


Without a doubt, my favorite Vampire movie of the past 30 years.
Also, one of my favorite movies in general.
It is beautiful, morose and gruesome at times.

Here is a review that hits the nail on the head from
The Xandarian Worldmind:
"The movie portrays young love, childhood friendship and the loneliness of someone who couldn’t die perfectly....The story is strong and has some very gruesome parts, such as the vampire’s companion dousing himself in acid to save the girl, and eventually killing himself.  The lead almost gets killed by his tormenters also, before the vampire saves him, leading him to become her new protector and companion."

Click to watch the trailer
Scenes from Let The Right One In set to Interpol's "A Time to be Small"
SPOILER ALERT - Quite possibly the most twisted and beautiful rescue scene ever filmed.

Time to get to work and make some Rock N Roll!

October 21, 2013

This is a bad-ass ROCKTOBER song filled with murder and monsters.



Well, the past 7 weeks have been fast paced, rushed, exciting, crazy but mostly
The Baltimore Comic Con, Los Angeles for a week of R&R, The New York Comic Con
and ending it all with the CO Springs Comic and Toy Con.

I have been posting about it on all of our social media sites,
so I am not going to break it down here.
Instead take a look at these pics from New York:


We had a blast at the CO Springs Comic and Toy Con this past weekend.
We all got to hang out with Rio from Lair of Wonders and Comic Artist Joe Oliver.
Good times were had by all:

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