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“We're talking about a tentacled flying lamp fucker. What are you prepared to call unlikely?”

November 17, 2013

This song is a peom to myself...


Me & my Mom got a trunk full of 9's

November 15, 2013

1 2 3 And I Come with the Wicked...

This Birthday Shout Out goes to our very own Agent Stephanya.
She is ihatepeacocks's Batman!

So in Honor of Agent Stephanya, let's keep the Batman theme going...

Click to listen and watch
Click to watch
Click to watch and listen
Click to watch
Click to watch
Click to watch
THIS IS AWESOME. Please Read It!

I've seen it done like the way the dogs do.

November 14, 2013

Pulled into a truck luck is over
Fucking's cool, but Jimmy's the romantic type.

Matt Davis.
Dude is my favorite Stand Up Comic on the scene today.
Plus, he makes some pretty good SOON memes.
Like this one of him wearing a silk lined peacock paisley jacket.
Click the pic to check out his Channel on YouTube.

Not only is he ridicoulously funny,
but he is a goddamn master at OWNING hecklers.
Heckling a Comic on stage is bullshit to begin with and it pisses me off.
So, it's nice to see a Comedian go after a heckler.
But I have never seen any Comedian so completely destroy
someone as Matt Davis does here in this video:


Ice in the Apple Juice come round for coffee

November 13, 2013

NIN is playing tonight in Denver!
Our Man Bad Mojo is going because he is arguably the biggest Nine Inch Nails Fan
this side of the Rockies. So in honor of that, today's Song of the Day is NIN.

GOD is Dead and NO ONE cares.



Here are some more 'Ex-Men' videos from Pete Holmes.
This time Angel and Gambit get the fired:

And in case you missed it a couple of weeks back:

click this to check out Wolverine getting the Axe.




Just 10 Days Now...

the day of the doctor doctor who preview ihatepeacocks 2013 SOON...

Click to watch one of the BEST Honest Trailers to date:
("Zod is out to destroy humanity with the power of Dubstep")

Superman Honest Trailer Oh, this one is Super!

There's a sky in the eye of the beholder. We grow old while the sea grows older.

November 12, 2013

Today is 11/12/13
To quote our Man J. Williams from Facebook:
"It's not a miracle that you are able to see 11/12/13, it's coincidence. it's a miracle that you're even here at all. SOULDEEPSHITSON.mp3"

This is the version from Underwater Records Vol. 1

Speaking of Darren Emerson, he's got a new mix out on Beatport.
Click the pic to check it out:

Darren Emerson's 'Hot Dog' chart on


Everyone Loves to Dance to Meshuggah
Click to make some drinks
Everyone Loves to Dance to Meshuggah
Tom Loves Loki
Jackass's Steve-O as The Joker for Halloween
Ron Burgundy and Daft Punk in Amsterdam
True Love


Click to watch the newest Official Trailer

Armistice Day - We beat the Kaiser!

November 11, 2013

Talk the Talk, you just can't stop...



We had full weekend with friends and family.
Op X had everyone over for a good time on Saturday.
Then on Sunday, The Roman and I went to the Rocky Mountain Con.
It was pretty dead, but we got to hang out with Rio, Roxy and Joe.

Speaking of Joe, these are the 2 Walking Dead covers he made for Chuck and I.
And they are Amazing.
Joe has some serious talent and we want the world to know it.

The Walking Dead comic issue 115 Joe Oliver Cover ihatepeacocks Joe's Walking Dead #115
The Walking Dead comic issue 109 Joe Oliver Cover ihatepeacocks Joe's Walking Dead #109

Here is a Birthday Shout Out to this Revolting Cock.
Happy Birthday Mr. Connelly.

happy birthday chris connelly Get around, get around, Chris gets around.

Our Man RyCon has released a new EP.
And it's pretty damn good.
Go give it a listen or download it from his site by clicking the pic:

Ryan Conway Colorado Catalyst Album Free Download The Album is free with an option to Donate!

It's "MOVEMBER" and The Roman is trying to fight cancer.
Help Him Out.
Donate by clicking below the pic:

movember the roman cancer donation Every Donation Makes a Difference!
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