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true detective gif rust cohle I love this intro

Dumbed down is a step up for us

March 14, 2014

All my fucking life I've lived a normal fucking life.

I'm going to eat 3.14159265359 slices of pie today!

pi day 2014 twin peaks pie Fuck math, this is how we celebrate pie day!


I need more than 2 days off a month

March 13, 2014

moby we are all made of stars sotd cosmos ihatepeacocks This should be the theme song to the new COSMOS



Props to our Director of Hospitality and his family as they welcome
a new bundle of joy into their lives!

I'm up all night to get lulz

March 12, 2014

underworld live luetin ihatepeacocks sotd Underworld twice in one week, lucky you eh? This is my favorite version of this song.

The picture above is from a photo set we took at the Underworld concert in Vegas in August of 2009. To see more pictures from that show below, Hover & click the arrows.
I took some but the really good quality pictures my wife took:

And since we are talking about Underworld, here is something juicy:

brian eno karl hyde underworld ihatepeacocks Click the pic for more details

Eclectic Method


Here are 2 newer videos from the sampling genius that is Eclectic Method:

The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Eclectic Method - Aliens from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Shits and Grins

Props to The Roman for finding this plumber butt gem, click to see more crack
portlandia season 4 carrie brwonstein ihatepeacocks This is the Nuclear option
cinemasins days of thunder ihatepeacocks This is one of the best CinemaSins ever because this movie SUCKS
Southwest is taking it to a whole new level

Land of the numb nuts

March 11, 2014

Good "build up" kind of track

'Merica is weird


From our sister site, MERICA-FOR-MERICANS:

What's the best way to get 'Mericans to come to church?
Offer them free guns!

Yes, this is for real. Click to listen or read this article from

If you haven't already seen it, click this pic to watch

obama between two ferns obtf zach galifianakis ihatepeacocks2 BURN!


We're Intergalactic Travelers stuck without a ride

March 10, 2014

underworld between stars ihatepeacocks sotd And the hope of the world rides with one man

TV Stuff


The past few weeks have been a saucy buffet of choice television programming.
While I usually rant against 90% of the TV shows out there,
this past week, these shows really impressed me:
Portlandia, Cosmos, True Detective and Hannibal
(Click the pics to link to the good stuff)

true detective form and void ihatepeacocks Form and Void review from's spot on review of the final Episode of True Detective

I personally have enjoyed Slate's reviews of this well crafted show. This is their review of the last episode "Form and Void". I agree with David Haglund more than Willa Paskin. But, I think we the audience, did over think the show and that is part of the brilliance of it.


 Click this to check a full character "connection" chart.

ihatepeacocks true detective theories yellow king Good theories but only one was right

The Yellow King Unveiled! Five Theories, in the Style of a "true crime" pulp magazine.

I had my share of theories and while I got some things right, others I wasn't even close. I was really off when it came to Marty. But most of the conspiracy stuff, the entire internet got wrong. Here are 5 theories about the Yellow King presented in a "True Crime" pulp magazine kind of format.

Click this to check out the True Detective reddit board.



the soup true detective ihatepeacocks What the hell did he say?

Joel McHale and The Soup take on True Detective

This is the best spoof of True Detective yet. While I dig the show, you gotta admit that The Soup does make a good point with this parody.



hannibal season 2 sakizuki review ihatepeacocks Hannibal ssteals from Patrick Bateman's closet

A well written review for the Hannibal episode "Sakizuki"

If you haven't seen the episode and are weary of the gore, you might want to read this instead of watching because it was pretty gory.



portlandia season 4 ihatepeacocks No Fred, it's not the "Wu Tang Clang"

Carrie schools Fred on Hip Hop in the latest Portlandia

I am really enjoying this fourth season of Portlandia. Episode two was a real gem and the Hip Hop schooling will become of the show's classic moments. No Fred, the Sugarhill Gang were not really a Gang. Also the Oliva Wilde guest appearance was funny and a pretty accurate representation of the modern "left" protest tactics.



cosmos neil degrasse tyson ihatepeacocks NDT should be the next Captain of the Enterprise

Dr. Tyson makes science and space exploration cool for a new generation

I was really excited to see Neil deGrasse Tyson pick up where Carl Sagan left off with Cosmos. The first episode was awesome although toned down from normal intensity level of NDT. Still, I loved it and I am glad to see science and space exploration presented in an intelligent manner on Prime Time TV.



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