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It's Walking Dead Season Finale Day

March 30, 2014

jamiroquai electric mistress sotd ihatepeacocks I heard this song at the mall yesterday & now it's stuck in my head. But it's pretty upbeat.

The End of the Walking Dead Season 4 has arrived

stuff and thangs walking dead tumblr art gif season 4 finale Great art from "Stuff & Thangs"

The second half of Season 4 has been pretty inconsistent.
Some episodes were good like Inmates or Us, while others were boring filler like Alone.
But this part of the season did give us, in my opinion, the most emotionally powerful
episode of the show, The Grove. This episode is devastating on so many levels.
Here is a comparison I did between issue 61 and The Grove:

the walking dead the grove lizzie comic book ihatepeacocks Click to watch the scene itself.

As is the case with most Season Finales, there is a lot riding on this episode.
Will some of the unresolved issues from the season get resolved?
- Will ALL of The Group be Reunited?
-What happened to Beth?
- What is up with Terminus?

And then there is the ubiquitous question that every fan dreads
asking themselves before every new episode lately:
"Is this the one where they're gonna kill Daryl?"

I made some predictions for this second half back in February and I'm 5 for 7 so far.
Here are my predictions for the Season Finale:

  • #1a) If Rick, Carl and Michonne meet up with the "Claimed Marauders" BEFORE they get to Terminus then I think Daryl IS going to die trying to save them.

    #1b) But if they meet up with the "Claimed Marauders" after Terminus, then Daryl possibly dying will be the cliffhanger note the show ends on. (Either way, I think Daryl loses a hand)

  • #2) I think one of the Claimed Marauders will "Claim" Carl and try to do bad things to him, causing Rick to snap and go all Bezerker Red on them.
  • #3) Rick will kill most or all of the Claimed Crew while Michonne & Carl look on in horror.
  • #4) When Rick and the gang arrive at Terminus, there will be a firefight with the Terminus people and Rick loses.
  • #5) Glenn, Maggie and the rest of their group are being held prisoners at Terminus.
  • #6) We never see Tyreese, Judith and Carol meet up with the rest of the group.
  • #7) We don't find out what happens to Beth

Now, to be fair, I did base my predictions on the "New Zealand Trailer"
that was put up on Youtube earlier this week but then taken down the same day.
The trailer does show a lot more than the American versions
including the new character Gareth, who seems to be part of the Terminus crowd.
If you want to watch it, then here it is and yes it is full of Spoilers:

Walking Dead Season 4 Finale New Zealand Promo

Also, here is an animated GIF breakdown.


No matter what, I am excited to find out how this season is going to end!

Season 4 Finale Promo Posters



I've got to give props to The Roman for getting me hooked on this awesome comic:

ihatepeacocks saga comic book image comics "Saga" from Image comics

Only once you have Caturday do you have my permission to Caturday

March 29, 2014

We're miles adrift and inches apart

March 28, 2014

x-files mulder scully sotd unkle broken ihatepeacocks I'm over, I'm over, I'm over, I'm broken

News You Need to Know

star wars episode 7 news ihatepeacocks Click to read

The First Official Confirmed story detail about Episode 7

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the first cast member and confirmed that the movie will take place 30 years after return of the Jedi.



star wars clone wars lost missions ihatepeacocks Click to learn more

The Clone Wars "Lost Missions" are now available on NetFlix

The last 13 episodes of The Clone Wars ("The Lost Missions") are now available on Netflix. also has a great write up on each epsiode.



Click to check a preview

MST3K is coming back to TV, sort of.

OlmTreeHomeSted found this. RiffTrax is taking over The National Geographic Channel on April Fools!



Click to listen

Awesome 8bit version of the MST3K theme song

Found this on Soundcloud. While I don't always like 8-bit music version of songs, this one is pretty good.


Click to read more

X-Files Creator Chris Carter working on a new show for AMC

Chris Carter is going to Write & Executive Produce "Area 51" TV Series for AMC based on Annie Jacobsen’s Area 51.



Click to check out more

Cover art for the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China comic

John Caprenter & Eric Powell's Big Trouble in Little China comic hits stores this June. Check out the 4 different covers for issue 1.



We are pretty excited for The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale.

Here are 5 fan predictions of how it will all end.


Read Robert Kirman's breakdown of the second to last episode of Season 4


Follow our Walking Dead posts on Tumblr, but be wary of spoilers!


Click the pic to check out the Top Ten Moments from the second half of Season 4:

the walking dead season 4 finale ihatepeacocks terminus Personally I think Rick is gonna go apeshit on Daryl's group & KILL EM ALL! And Terminus = Cannibal City???

Lazy day with a side of lethargy

March 26, 2014

Today's Song of the Day is from Freddy Scott:

Enjoy some more videos:

Life keeps getting in the way of updates

March 25, 2014

weeping willows touch me sotd ihatepeacocks Watch for actor Mikael Nyqvist (aka Mikael Blomkvist in the Original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie) in the video

Quote of the Day

Click for the source...

Moving Pictures


We here at ihatepeacocks LOVE movies.
I personally love SciFi and Horror movies most.

Every month I am going to highlight a SciFi movie that I think is a must watch.
For March, I recommend The Andromeda Strain (1971).
Click the pic to read my take on this flick on our Tumblr Blog:

the andromeda strain movie ihatepeacocks An often forgot about classic that is frighteningly realistic

I have created a new list of SciFi & Horror movies that I want to see this year.
I am going to watch all of them on this list in 2014 and then share my thoughts here.
So click this pic to check out all of the SciFi/Horror movies on my list so far:

ihatepeacocks scifi horror movie must watch list 2014 I will add to this list as I find movies in these genres I want to watch.

"Found Footage" movies have been around for a while.
The Blair Witch Project breathed new life into the genre.
There have been a lot of crap Found Footage movies made since Blair Witch came out
but there have been a lot of good ones too (VHS & VHS2 are my favorites).
Here is a Top Ten list from worth checking out:

There are a few movies on here I hate, like Cloverfield.

Here is more movie stuff worth checking out:

x-men xemn days future past trailer ihatepeacocks Unlike X-Men 3 and the Wolverine Movies, this one actually looks good!
Some are great, some suck and some are just so 70s.
Not a bad list at all...

Your daily dose of lulz:

hannibal lol bad jokes Click to see Hannibal telling more bad jokes.
finding nemo mh370 777 lulz Yeah, I know, it's "Too Soon". But that's what makes it funny.
nom nom nom
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