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"Throwback Thursday"...Can't we just call it Catch and Release Day for Nostalgic Shit?

April 10, 2014

prince 3rdeyegirl lets go crazy sotd ihatepeacocks Anyone that thinks Prince is NOT one of the Best Guitarist alive, this will change your mind



ihatepeacocks will be there selling all sorts of choice goodies from our vaults.
The Roman is bring boxes of $1 comics as well as his Top Shelf CGC books
and everything in between.
We'll also have Hot Wheels, Star Wars schwag, The Walking Dead stuff, Anime Treats,
movies, posters, shirts and all sorts of other tasty collectible treats.

Here is an article from The Colorado Springs Gazette on the Con


Check out the Facebook Event Page

And here is the Official Site

Here is a video from last year's con, watch for us!
Check the Official Page for more details

Since we are running the Cosplay Contest again this year with the one and only LairOfWonders

Check out this collection of rather "easy on the eyes for everyone"
Cosplayers that I've seen around the web this week
(Thanks to xxgeekpr0nxx for a lot of these)

The Walking Dead Issue 125


The Roman hooked me up with issue 125 yesterday morning.
(Thank you good sir!)
I was so anxious, I read it in like 10 minutes.
It's pretty good, a lot better than issue 124, but the last 4-5 pages....DAMN.

negan the walking dead issue 125 Click to discuss issue 125: SPOILER ALERT....duh!

Some silly

admiral ackbar mouse trap photo He should have listened to himself
star trek star wars shirt lulz The Perfect shirt for everyone
the walking dead captain america winter soldier lol OK, now the character of Jenner from The Walking Dead makes sense
I can't get enough of this fucking commercial

Let's all be adults about this and start calling Wednesday "Sex is Awesome" day.

April 9, 2014

Whenever I am feeling down, this thought cheers me up:

scarlett johansson sexy fact science movie ihatepeacocks Click to let her Under your skin...

If that doesn't cheer you up, try this:

Too Four Twosday

April 8, 2014

I find myslef listening to this band more and more...
This was the 14th song I listend to this morning.

Tweny Four Years Ago Today The Twin Peaks Pilot Episode First Aired

twin peaks day april 8 Enjoy some Julee Cruise
twin peaks dancing dwarf black lodge animated gif A Twin Peaks TV Promo from ABC
The Intro......This takes me back.

Stuff I've made...


Some music, pictures and memes I've made...

Click to follow

Desperately seeking lulz in all the wrong places

April 7, 2014

Getting my 80s on with this very late 80's track from KTP.
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