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April 16, 2014

Putting aside all of the Twitter drama around this video, it really is a good track

Game of Thrones lulz


I don't watch Game of Thrones, but Opx X and The Roman are big fans.
But even I laughed hard at this.
Props to Our Lady to The North Tina for sharing both
the meme and the video it links to.
And yes, there are SPOILERS, so don't click it if you don't want to know:

game of thrones king joffrey purple wedding ihatepeacocks Click to watch the internet's reaction to the latest major character death on Game of Thrones

Star Wars lols

Happy Tax Day

April 15, 2014

A birthday shout out to one of our own:

That was a really good weekend

April 14th, 2014

safety dance men without hats 80s sotd ihatepeacocks This one goes out to Rio!

We had a good time at the Spring CO Springs Comic & Toy Con

ihatepeacocks colorado springs comic toy con Us at the Con this past weekend

We had a really good time at the Con this weekend. Saw lots of familiar faces, got to hang out with some very cool peeps and we made some new friends.
In addition to me, The Roman and Op X, lots of the ihatepeacocks family came out:
Darth Tom, OlmTreeHomeSted and his clan, Johnny Cobra, A is for Aaron & his fam, Captain Robert from Starfleet Command & Sassy Shelby!

Plus we got to hang out with Lair Of Wonders himself, Rio, all Weekend.
Hanging out with Rio is half the reason we do this Con.
We teamed up with Rio to run the Cosplay Contest both days.
And we saw some Amazing Cosplayers!

W want to give a shout out to Galaxy Girl Iliana.
Her Catwoman Costume rocked and she is always fun to hang out with.

And one more shout out to Draca from The Trove and Katie O and Captain Robert for helping us by being judges at the Cosplay Contests!

And to EVERYONE that stopped by our booth, bought stuff, dressed up or just said hi


Here are some pics of us being us and some of the peeps we got to hang out with.
Plus some sweet Cosplayers:

Here are some more pics of the Cosplayers at the Con from my Flickr page:

ihatepeacocks iliana galaxy girl catwoman cosplay batman returns CLICK TO SEE MORE PICS

For all you True Detective Fans out there...


The Roman showed me this video and I can't stop laughing...

Click this pic for some of Rust Cohle's best quotes:

true detective rust cohle quotes ihatepeacocks Click
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