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APRIL 26, 2014

The Song of the Day today is dedicated to The Roman!
Refused - Liberation Frequency (Live):

the walking dead comic negan happy birthday ihatepeacocks Click to watch The Roman in action


I'm going to add some sophistication to your day

April 24, 2014

Damn, only a rich bitch could be this fancy, right Landi?

I find it harder and harder to be lazy

April 23, 2014

ministry breathe pollution climate change industrial ihatepeacocks In hindsight, this would have been a pretty good Earth Day song.

The Walking Dead Issue 126 comes out today


This is the conclusion to the "ALL OUT WAR" story arc that started in issue 115.
Again, I've got to give props to The Roman for getting me hooked on this book.
As I am posting this, I still haven't read issue 126.
But you can guarantee that by 10am today, both The Roman and I will have read it two times each and be talking about it all morning long. It's not very often that we get this excited for a comic book issue release. I'll post our thoughts on the conclusion of "ALL OUT WAR" towards the end of the week so everyone has had a chance to read it before I ruin it with spoilers.

For some spoiler free Walking Dead lulz, click the pic to check out a rad fan art contest:

the walking dead comic book rick grimes ihatepeacocks Rick’s Right Hand Arts & Crafts Challenge

Here, watch some videos:

Happy Birthday Earth

April 22, 2014

the lonely island go kindergarten video sotd ihatepeacocks Ladies, whip your dick out. Don't ask how, just fucking figure it out.
lonely island diaper money video ihatepeacocks sotd "....and also I can't have it unless she says I can"
the lonely island the oc season 2 finale spoof I don't know why I find this so funny, but it is funny.

For context, here is "The OC Season 2 Finale" scene that the video above is spoofing.




My Batman obsession continues.
Check this video out. Batman Beyond Terry vs. Old School Batman:

Here is some GREAT news, sort of. Part of me wants this so badly I'm willing to punch a baby in the face to help Joel make it happen. BUT, an other part of me is afraid it will turn into just another crap reboot/relaunch in an attempt to recapture former glory.
But unlike the unofficial Hollywood genre of remakes/reboots/relaunches,
this one would be done by the original creator.
If only we could get Mike Nelson to help him out......

mst3k joel hodgson returns 2014 ihatepeacocks Click to read more from

Just want to give a shout out to friend of ihatepeacocks
Jennifer Blanc Biehn!
Congrats are in order for her for being Penthouse Germany's May 2014 Cover Girl!
Click the pic below to read more from
( has a write up of sorts about Jen making the cover. )
Be sure to check out Blanc/Biehn productions
to keep up on all of her & Michael Biehn's current movie projects:

jennifer blanc biehn penthouse cover may 2014 ihatepeacocks Click to read more from Cinema Assassin....Michael Biehn is a lucky man.

OK, it's official in my book....

They are no longer credible in any way shape or form as a news source.
First off, this is the network that unleashed Nancy Grace onto the world.
Their literal 24/7 coverage of flight 370 was horrible and pathetic.
I mean seriously, they had an On-Air Anchor ask 'experts' if it is "Preposterous"
to think that something super natural like "A Black Hole" was responsible for the missing plane. And one of the 'experts' responded:
"A small Black Hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it's not that."

Jon Stewart sums up CNN's Flight 370 coverage

But this week they put the nail in the coffin with an article about,
no I'm not making this up,
The KKK rebranding itself into a new, not so violent, hate organization.
Here is an actual quote from the article by Ashley Fantz:

"Ancona, who lives in Missouri, insists there's a new Klan for modern times -- a Klan that's 'about educating people to our ideas and getting people to see our point of view to ... help change things.' He said he and those like him can spread that message without violence -- a sort of rebranding of the Klan. "

Fuck you CNN, Just.......Fuck You.
Read this article from Gawker on the topic:

Can the Klan rebrand.....FUCK NO. Again, fuck you CNN.

Shall we begin...

April 21, 2014

lazerhawk space trash ihatepeacocks star crash sotd The title says it all, but the video shows you everything

Easter lulz


So yesterday was Easter and it was 4-20.
We blitzed our social media with all sorts of Easter Meme Madness.
But, just in case you missed it, here is a recap:

Speaking of Social Media, if you are on Facebook
then here are 6 pages I highly recommend giving a "Like":

Church of Dave - Pope Lulz II - Falkensteins Funhouse


Despicable Me - All Your Base - Cthulhu Hand Luke


I've been on a Batman kick lately


Decided to re-read some classic Batman tales as well as
catch up on some of the newer "Classics" I have not read yet.

Good list from IGN of the 25 Greatest Batman Tales...

And for some Batman lulz:

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