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MAY 4TH, 2014


Looking Forward to the "May The 4th" fun today.
Click this to check out some of the pics from yesterday:

StarFest Day 2 begins

May 3, 2014

Op X and I had a lot of fun yesterday.
We got to hang out with a lot of the ihatepeacocks extended family.
Saw a lot of great cosplayers, made some new friends and drank all day.
We're heading back up there this morning for round 2.
Click the pic below to check out some of the pics from yesterday:

starfest denver ihatepeacocks breaking bad cosplay Click for more...


May 2, 2014

jesus mary chain head on sotd ihatepeacocks church of dave Props to Church of Dave for posting this on his FB page & reminding me how good this song is....

Speaking of music, Explorers released a new single this week.
Click the pic to buy it from iTunes:

explorers radar single download synth pop ihatepeacocks buji This is the band of our old musical MySpace mate BUJI!

We're heading up to StarFest!


Hope to see a lot of you there.
Check back here & our social media pages for pics & updates all weekend long!

may day hymn for the red october sotd ihatepeacocks Нажмите, чтобы насладиться моим друзьям

To my fellow workers...


To anyone who works in IT or anyone who has ever had to work on "Project"
(or for anyone that simply works in Corporate America really)
I dedicate this video to you.
We have all been there:

Starfest & ComicFest start tomorrow

We'll be updating our StarFest page each night after we get home.
But Op X & I will be posting live on our social meida sites from the convention:



Check out our new StarFest Page

Shits & Grins


The Shits:

 The Season Four Finale of Portlandia is Tonight.
This was my reaction when I realized the season was ending already:

The Grins:

Soon the wait will be over

April 30, 2014

mc chris star wars han solo sotd ihatepeacocks Blue Milk on the Rock...

So by now, I'm sure you've heard the news...


But just in case you haven't,
yesterday JJ Abrams annouced the official cast of STAR WARS EPISODE VII!
Almost the entire original cast is back plus a lot of new faces,
including Max Von Sydow!
Click this pic to read the official release from the source:

star wars episode 7 cast jj abrams luke skywalker han solo The Star Wars Episode VII Cast

Here are some Star Wars lols to celebrate the good casting news!

star wars episode 7 max von sydow princess leia lol This is how I imagine his audtion went


April 29, 2014

kmfdm juke joint jezebel ihatepeacocks video link sotd Quite possibly one of the best KMFDM songs ever made!

A Little Something For EVERYONE...


And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE!

John Oliver kicked off his new show on HBO this past Sunday.
I personally enjoyed it a lot. I admit that it feels a little like a Daily Show spin off,
but I think John Oliver's commentary is brilliant.
I'm really looking forward to watching him on a weekly basis.
You can watch the entire first episode for free, even if you don't have HBO, here:

john oliver last week tonight hbo show ihatepeacocks ftw I am excited to watch John Oliver riff current events every week.

~ has an epic article about 40 Pop Culture Easter Eggs.
There were some in there I knew, but there were a lot I had no idea about.
And some blew my mind. Check it out: top 40 easter eggs list Click to read all 40

Speaking of lists, here is a great Top Ten Anime Movie List from
It is a little Miyazaki heavy, but still a good list.
5 of my all time favorite Animes are on here.
Although I would have left off Tortoro and added Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
(Plus, Ghost in the Shell should be number 1 in my opinion, but I am a little biased):

top 10 anime ghost in the shell akira perfect blue princess mononoke Click to watch

Here is your GIF of the day:


April 28, 2014

kill bill music soundtrack about her sotd ihatepeacocks Great song from Kill Bill Vol. 2

I was on a Kill Bill kick last night.
You gotta give it to QT, everytime I watch Vol. 1 & 2 I pick up on something new.
Below is one of my favorite scenes as well as
a deleted scene I had not scene until last night:

kill bill vol 2 deleted scene david carradine uma thurman Click to Watch
kill bill vol 1 o ren ishii gogo head chop Click to watch O-Ren Ishii discipline one of her headstrong bosses.



ihatepeacocks will be there.
Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as making some new friends.
Be sure to check out our coverage.
We will be posting updates throughout the day on

starfest 2014 colorado star wars star trek convention Click to visit their site
comicfest starfest colorado convention 2014 comics scifi con Click to check out more on ComicFest





I have posted about this film before but after watching it again over the weekend,
I wanted to post it again because it really is that good:


Prospect (Short Film) from Shep Films on Vimeo.

I Love Eddie Izzard


Eddie Izzard has been one of my favorite Comedians for a long time.
He is starting a stand up tour of the US this week.
To help promote that tour, he did an interview on NPR this morning.
It was very open, honest and very Eddie so, good stuff.
Click the pic to check it out and scroll down to watch a classic Eddie Izzard Sketch.

eddie izzard npr morning edition Click to read/listen to Eddie Izzard on NPR's Morning Edition

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