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May 11, 2014

mom moms mothers day the crow quote ihatepeacocks One of my favorite quotes about Moms


I'd live to watch your heads rock

May 8, 2014

prodigy babys got a temper sotd ihatepeacocks I know I've used this as a SOTD before, but its stuck in my head today...

Really Good Bad TV shows from the 80's ripe for the riffing

misfits of science 80s tv show retro cheese Click to watch the intro

Misfits of Science

Pure cheese but with some good ideas mixed in there.


blue thunder tv show 80s cheese television Click to watch the intro

Blue Thunder

A TV spin-off of the movie, this one is/was bad cheese.



street hawk 80s television show tv motorcycle cheese Click to watch the Intro

Street Hawk

The motorcycle version of Airwolf on the streets if you will.



automan 80s tv television show tron rip off Click to watch the Intro


A blatant TRON rip off that sucked across the board.



No Manic In Our Panic

May 7, 2014

airwolf song of the day ihatepeacocks stod A floppy drive symphony of 80s cheese



Here are a bunch of videos I think you'll find worth while to watch.

The first one is a video diary of StarFest 2014 from Mile High Island.
Its a really good video showing a lot of highlights from the convention.
The ihatepeacocks crew makes a cameo in the last 8 seconds.

The rest of the videos are pretty self explanatory.
So click and enjoy.

mile high island video starfest comicfest 2014 Good stuff right here, subscribe to his YouTube channel for more rad videos
star wars cantina band auditions video mc chris weird al My favorite is the last audtion
Godzilla 2014 Trailer With 1954 Gojira Footage Click to go back in time...
star wars airwolf mashup video ihatepeacocks Yes, I know, I am slightly obssessed with Airwolf. But come on, it was one of the best worst shows of the 80s
america ninja warrior streaker johnny rocket lulz Pretty sure it was fake, but its still funny



Today's winner is Nature Valley Granola retweeting this a fans
Evangelion Granola Gem:

nature valley granola evangelion eva tweet anime unit 01 Any company that makes a good product AND like Evangelion is cool in my book.

My ears require nerdy rap

May 6, 2014

mc chris hoodie ninja ihatepeacocks sotd You're off guard-ninja stars-now you're injured!

Cinco De Mayo!

May 5, 2014

The Dance of the Cook

Mexican culture is well worth celebrating. However, the Venn diagram between “appreciating the art, music, cuisine, and countless intangible contributions of a group that is fundamental to the American tapestry” and “shouting ‘Olé!’ after taking a shot of Sauza” is just two lonely circles, miles and miles apart,
never to meet.

-Read "How Not to Be Awful This Cinco de Mayo"
by Kelly Williams Brown

That was a busy weekend


I haven't had time to collect my thoughts about StarFest this past weekend.
I'll do a write up in a bit. But for now, go check out the pictures.
I'll have more posted on my Flickr Account soon...

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