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May 15, 2014

So much to see & do but with more see than do

May 14th, 2014

the death set they come to get us sotd ihatepeacocks may 14 2014 This is the song that introduced me to The Death Set

Shit that caught my eye

There is a lot of cool stuff going around the interwebs this week.
Here are some of the highlights for me.

First Up V/H/S: Viral (aka VHS 3) has been picked up for distribution.
It will be making its way to theaters and VOD this fall. I'm fucking stoked because this is the one Found Footage Horror Franchise that gets it right. Click this to read the release info or click the pic to watch the trailer:       

vhs viral picture cult trailer found footage horror ihatepeacocks Click to watch the trailer for V/H/S Viral

Jamin Winans's newest movie THE FRAME is getting closer to finished.
I am really excited to see this movie because I got to be an extra in it!
Double Edge Films have been releasing little teaser soundtrack videos on their Instagram account. Click this pic to check it the latest:   

the frame jamin winans movie 2014 double edge films teaser Click to listen

I'm sure by now, most of the people on earth have seen the first official picture of
Ben Affleck as Batman, but just in case someone out there hasn't, here you go:

ben affleck is batman and fashionable male mallrat Click to see the original Tweet from Zack Snyder

Speaking of pictures, here's the first Official Photo from The Walking Dead Seaon 5:

the walking dead twd season 5 rick grimes terminus Click

This is the BEST Prank video I have seen in a while:

Cinemasins has released a bunch of new videos in the past week or so.
Go check them out:

cinemasins video link ihatepeacocks This link does not contain a lap dance...

Thanks to Screen Junkies for picking my comment as a winner on their

Celebrity Foreign Commercials video.
To celebrate, let's watch their newest Honest Trailer:

honest trailer godzilla 1998 screen junkies lol video ihatepeacocks Even after 16 years, this movie still continues to suck ass by the metric ton

And finally, does anyone have $135 Million Dollars I can borrow?

dracula castle for sale I don't think it has any bathrooms with actual plumbing, but who cares...

I'm crying tears of acid

May 13, 2014

le matos song of the day ihatepeacocks electronic music Good Electronic music from a Good Electronic Band


h r giger rip dead at age 74 ihatepeacocks Read's write up about Giger

H.R. Giger died yesterday from injuries suffered in an accidental fall.
He was 74 years old.
He was a legendary artist best known for creating the creature from 'Alien'.
In my opinion the best movie monster of all time.
In addition to the Alien franchise, he designed elements for movies such as
Dune, Batman, Poltergeist, Species and Prometheus.
But in addition to his film design work, he was an amazing surrealist painter & sculptor.
To quote ComicsAlliance's Andy Khouri:

"Giger was a true visionary, introducing the previously unimagined biomechanical aesthetic that synthesized organic, often distinctly sexualized flesh with the qualities of machines, and employing his training as an architect to create worlds so uniquely horrifying and fully realized that the viewer could believe the artist had seen them firsthand through some kind of portal to Hell."

Like many others, my first introduction to Giger were the movies Alien & Aliens.
I loved that creature so much that I sought out more from Giger.
His NecronomiconNecronomicon 2 changed the way I thought about art.
And to be honest, the first time I looked thru Necronomicon in the late 80's at a bookstore I was so blown away by the painting and prints in that book,
I had to have it, but I had no money. So I stole it.
His biomechanic art style created an entire genre and influenced countless others.
I am saddened by his passing.

Below are 15 of my favorite Giger works. Watch the slide show in full screen to really appreciate the detail in his work:


May 12, 2014

revolting cocks wax trax cant sit still sotd ihatepeacocks chris connelly I don't whether to leave you or push you over the edge...


live action akira fan trailer amazing Click to watch. I think this look amazing!
watchmen neon genesis evangelion ihatepeacocks CLICK TO READ - I don't agree with all of this, but it is a good read
star wars tarantino film trailer lol If STAR WARS Was A TARANTINO Film..CLICK TO WATCH
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