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Getting a Jump on Friday

May 23, 2014

underworld edm always loved a film sotd ihatepeacocks Nothing brightens my day quite like Underworld


star wars akira kurosawa george lucas video ihatepeacocks I knew some of this, but I never knew just how much Lucas borrowed from Kurosawa
nicolas cage college humor ihatepeacocks lays chips ihatepeacocks made it onto for our Lays Potato Chip Flavor Idea. Click to see...
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I finally saw it this week. It was not a bad movie, but is wasn't great.
To be clear, it's light-years beyond that piece of shit Matthew Broderick version.
Seriously, fuck the 1998 Godzilla film with a sandpaper dildo.

godzilla 2014 movie ihatepeacocks review Click to watch this supercut of all the trailers and teasers

The biggest draw back to this 2014 Godzilla flick is that the human characters are boring, shallow, one dimensional and 3/4ths of the movie is spent on them.
Their plight is the foreground and Godzilla is the background.
It's a total waste of time to "develop" these characters throughout the film because
no one gives a shit about them. Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor, but he is dialed up to 11 in this movie. Every scene he is yelling or giving some emotional (and very contrived) speech that just comes off as melodramatic.
Elizabeth Olsen is an incredible actress but she never gets a chance to shine here.
Her character is a typical Hollywood Cliche - "The Worrying Wife."
Always on the verge of tears wondering if her husband is OK.

I don't blame Gareth Edwards the director. I blame the assholes who wrote the script:
Max Borenstein & Dave Callaham

godzilla 2014 ihatepeacocks extended trailer The extended 5 min trailer

Now, with all the ranting about the negative, let me focus on what was good.
Edwards does an amazing job directing. The scenes are well crafted and well shot.
The Monster Fights are EPIC. And there are 3 Monsters:
Godzilla and 2 MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms).
The MUTOs feel evil and creepy, especially the first one.
Godzilla himself looks and sounds amazing. They hit a home run with that.
The visuals are incredible, the special effects are mind blowing.
And that HALO jump scene set to "Jupiter and Beyond"....DAMN.
It literally gave me goosebumps.

I'll buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray for sure.
The best way to sum it up:
It's like a big family meal that you've been really looking forward to.
Its a good time but you're still hungry because the portions were really small.
I'd give it 6.5 out of 10.


Now, check out this new video/track from Mike Relm:

mike relm godzilla remix song mashup music 2014 ihatepeacocks Check out Mike Relm's newest track, a sweet beat remix for Godzilla.

Grass is always greener over there

May 22, 2014

placebo live wouldn't it be good sotd ihatepeacocks One of my favorite covers...

You're more than a SuperStar

May 21, 2014

bat for lashes natasha khan laura remix ihatepeacocks sotd A rather long instrumental remix, but stick around for the vocals.

Shits and Grins


OK, first up, you've got to check out this video. I am not sure if these kids
are YouTube Trolls or just plain dumb. Either way, the first minute and 30 seconds of this video are painfully funny to watch:

lol troll goth kids video raven acid bath princess lulz ihatepeacocks Say hi to Azer, Tara and Raven The Acid Bath Princess of Darkness

People online have been debating who would win in a fight between Superman and Goku for a long time. Well, this video tries to answer that question.

superman vs goku epic rap battles video dbz ihatepeacocks Sorry Clark Kent, but I think you just got PWND son.

This is one of the best HONEST TRAILERS to date:

honest trailers screen junkies video x-men ihatepeacocks Fuck Brett Ratner

Speaking of Brett Ratner, does anybody remember this incident:

brett ratner olivia munn shrimp cocktail sexy nerd x-men ihatepeacocks Olivia Munn and the tail of the Shrimp Cocktail Eating, Masturbating Director...

Lastly for today, OlmTreeHomeSted found these Pron Hub Ad Campaign Finalists:

Click to see all of the finalists

Some Say Prayers, I Say Mine

Two For Tuesday:

May 20, 2014

sisters of mercy rare demo dominion ihatepeacocks sotd Dreamers of sleepers and white treason. We dream of rain and the history of the gun
sisters of mercy doctor jeep ihatepeacocks sotd A pre-owned song or a second-hand Uzi. Everybody's got a job to lose.

For the lulz....


Stuff I've made lately or stuff I've seen that's made me laugh
Props to Pope Lulz II and Church of Dave for some of these:

Back Pain is my Bane

May 19, 2014

amazing spider man 2 3 spoilers leaked footage ihatepeacocks The Roman found this footage that was leaked from Sony. Check it out...
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