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true detective gif rust cohle I love this intro

Strange Days, but I feel good

May 29, 2014

gorillaz feel good inc sotd ihatepeacocks To me, this is one of the best "Summer Songs"

Inflict strain upon the structure

May 28, 2014

fear factory remanufacture ihatepeacocks sotd FUN FACT: Fear Factory was one of the First Bands to remix their entire album

What a fucking back stabbing piece of shit

sabu hacker anonymous lulzsec free ihatepeacocks news Click to read more from, a slightly more objective website.

If you're in Colorado Springs today, I hope you get to enjoy
The Thunderbirds:

thunderbirds air force graduation colorado springs photo f-16 ihatepeacocks THE THUNDERBIRDS OVER COLORADO SPRINGS FOR THE USAFA GRADUATION IN MAY 2011 - © ihatepeacocks

For fans of Ghost in The Shell.....

Along the same lines as the recently released Fan Made Live Action Akira Trailer...
Here is one of the most intense fan photo shoots I have ever seen.
The purpose was to recreate to the brilliant intro of the Original
Ghost in The Shell movie. In case you forgot what that looks like, click this
I think they did a damn good job:

ghost in the shell live action project 2501 gits project photo video ihatepeacocks Click to see more pics from their gallery as well as the making of video - NSFW

Fans of Electronic Dance Music, here are some tasty treats:

daft punk earth wind fire mashup video download track Click to listen

Daft Punk & Earth, Wind & Fire Mashup goodness

I was blown away by how well these 2 songs mesh.



electro dance disco mashup john type video edm ihatepeacocks Click to listen

Super Electronic Mashup Mix Video

This guy mixes a wide variety into a rad 6 minute track. Good video too.



oliver myb edm music link ihatepeacocks Click to listen

This is an awesome track.

This is a "new to me" band & I love their first EP 'Mechanical'.



oliver control remix edm dance music ihatepeacocks link Click to listen

Even their remixes sound amazing

Their 'Mechanical Remixes' EP is just as good as the original.



Back to the grinder

May 27, 2014

slayer live angel of death sotd ihatepeacocks Monarch of the Kingdom of the Dead



First up, Darth Tom finds the best stuff on the internets. Case in point, check out this banjo cover of Slayer's "Raining Blood" he found:

slayer raining blood banjo cover video link ihatepeacocks darth tom This is the heaviest banjo song I've ever heard.

Zelsnack sent The Roman this video and he shared it with me. It's Deicide (back in their Amon Days) doing a performance as part of a PBS fundraiser. Priceless:

deicide amon lulz pbs fundraiser video ihatepeacocks the roman Nothing helps raise money for PBS like Death Metal

OlmTreeHomeSted found these internet gems and thought they needed to be shared:

david lynch star wars return of the jedi ihatepeacocks olmtreehomested He turned down the chance to direct it, but this video shows us what it may have looked like
stan lee comics boobs lol ihatepeacocks meme quote OlmTreeHomeSted found this, we'll call it our quote of the day
star wars cribs lol video ihatepeacocks olmtreehomested This made me laugh my ass off.
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