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The ihatepeacocks crew and extended family had a lot of fun last night.

July 27, 2014

Had a really good time last night with the crew and extended family at Tony's Bar. The Redheaded Zombie Fundraiser @ EV Comics Downtown was great. Props to Doug, Ryan, Vicky and CJ at Escape Velocity for hosting the fundraiser concert and for being the best comic shop in Colorado Springs.

Today we rally the troops

July 26, 2014

Ghost: Year Zero (NSFW). from Nostromo on Vimeo.

Editor: Ola Ohlsson.

Good Stuff coming out of SDCC today

July 25, 2014

Here it is, The Walking Dead Season 5 sneak peak trailer
straight out of The San Diego Comic Con:

And here are some Screen Captures I grabbed from the Trailer:

To keep up with all the stuff coming out of the 2014 San Diego Comic Con,
I recommend

Does Harrison Ford dream of Roy Batty Sheep?

JULY 24, 2014

Well, it's been a while. I took some much needed time off.
A lot has gone on both on the internets and real life.
Here is a whole gaggle of stuff that has caught my eye over the past few weeks.

batman 75 ihatepeacocks arkham city dark knight 25 of the greatest Batman stories of all time
brienne of tarth star wars rumor ihatepeacocks Click to Read
star wars rebels official extended trailer ihatepeacocks Click to watch
star wars episode vii 7 rumor ihatepeacocks Click to read
star wars game of thrones hobolunchbox video ihatepeacocks gif Game of Thrones would be better if it were Star Wars, click to see why
weird al foil lol video illuminati lulz ihatepeacocks Click to Watch/Listen
alien isolation ps4 game gaming ihatepeacocks Click to read and watch
miley cyrus nic cage wrecking ball video Click to ENJOY
rihanna see through naked dress nude cfda ihatepeacocks Click to watch her Twerk in this dress....really.
lebron james al qaeda the onion cleveland nba lol ihatepeacocks I was not at all surprised
scarlett johansson under the skin nude gif ihatepeacocks Click to watch - NSFW
ant man official poster 2015 paul rudd marvel ihatepeacocks This looks so dumb
the walking dead twd season 5 daryl banner ihatepeacocks Click to see the new Season 5 promo banner

And here are some Homemade goodies:

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