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Fridays are for  fun

August 8, 2014

I've got nothing today. Get out there and enjoy your day.

the fifth element dancing gif ihatepeacocks Click to enjoy a little light of love...

Thursdays are for being industrious

August 7, 2014

nitzer ebb live denver colorado ihatepeacocks START IT UP START IT UP START IT UP
nitzer ebb join in the chant live denver ihatepeacocks MUSCLE MUSCLE MUSCLE MUSCLE

Man, there are a lot of internet traditions for Thursdays, aren't there?

Like TBT:

And Thong Thursday:

Who could forget Random Space Porn Thursday

And lastly, there's
"Watch a Cinemasins vid of a movie that starts with the letter 'T' Thursday"

Wednesdays are for getting shit done

August 6, 2014

Your Video of the Day:

Mile High Island asked us to give our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy.
Props again to Vicky, Doug and Ryan at Escape Velocity for letting us film there.
And Thanks to Mile High Island for asking us to do a review with him.
Watch the video to hear what we had to say and keep your eye out for dear friends of ihatepeacocks, Rio aka LairOfWonders and Comic Shop Vicky!

We had a great time hanging out at Escape Velocity this past Saturday with Steve, Vicky, Ryan, Rio and Colorado based comic artist Matt Campbell.
Here are some pics:

Speaking of Comic Based Movies, some Deadpool movie test footage has found its way onto the interwebs. I personally am sick of Deadpool in the comics. He's not a bad character, just over used by Marvel. But after seeing this footage, with voice work from Ryan Reynolds, I gotta tell you, I'd pay to see this movie:

Tuesdays are for something that starts with a "T"

August 5, 2014

slipknot the negative one 2014 metal ihatepeacocks New Music from Slipknot


Well, our video review of GOTG isn't up yet, so today, here is a random smathering of stuff that hopefully will capture your interest. Or at least kill a few minutes.
On this day in History:

marilyn monroe august 5 1962 sexy beautiful woman ihatepeacocks Click to read Truman Capote's words on the day she died (NSFW)

Below is the first look at Season 2 of True Detective! Click here to read more about the casting choices for the second season of True Detective.

You know, the Aliens from the Alien franchise aren't actually called "Xenomorphs".
While I have know this since 1986, not every one agrees.
(Random people on the internet don't agree on something? Big surprise there.)
Anyway, click the pic to read a rather in depth article on the subject:

alien aliens xenomorph ihatepeacocks Is this going to be a stand up fight or another bug hunt?

Picture of the Day courtesy of Stan Winston School of Character Arts:

titanic aliens facehugger rose jack xenomorph ihatepeacocks Click to get your Aliens on

Mondays are for Movies

August 4, 2014

guardians of the galaxy hooked on a feeling remix ihatepeacocks The good part kicks in around 0:30...

I've got to tell you. I was really impressed with Guardians of the Galaxy. I didn't think I was going to like it. Hell, let's be honest. When I heard it was being made, I flat out said it would suck. Well, I am here to tell you that I was wrong.
This movie is great! It was entertaining, funny, action packed, not too serious or moody and all around fun.
The Entire Cast (yes, even Vin Disel) were fantastic. The story/plot was simple, but not stupid. It certainly was grittier than most of the Marvel Movies but done in a way where it never got too serious or full of itself.
Chris Pratt as 'Star Lord' was awesome:

chris pratt star lord guardians of the galaxy han solo jack burton firefly ihatepeacocks And maybe a bit of Captain Kirk too... I mean he does have the hots for a Green Gal.

Zoe Saldana continues her quest to become the Queen of SciFi.
And with her portrayal of 'Gamora', she deserves to be Queen.
She is great in this movie. Her character holds her own against a male dominated cast.
(Karen Gillan was good as Nebula, reminded me of Ventress from The Clone Wars)
I think this is her best SciFi role to date when compared to her Tribal Smurf character in Avatar and Uhura in Star Trek.
And while there is a "Sexy Side Boob" getting dressed scene in the trailer, it was cut from the final screen version. Which is probably a good thing because it would have changed the dynamic of her character and made it feel cliche.

zoe saldana gamora side boob guardians of the galaxy trailer ihatepeacocks Click to watch the Trailer with the scenes that didn't make it into the final cut.

I could rant and rave some more, but tomorrow we're going to post a video review we did with Mile High Island along with some pics from our time at Escape Velocity's GOTG festivities this past Saturday. So I'm not going to say anymore on the subject for now.
If you want to check out all of the Easter Eggs Marvel hid in GOTG, click this:

guardians of the galaxy easter eggs gotg ihatepeacocks GOTG Easter Eggs, Trivia and References from

If you like Marvel Movie Easter Eggs, then check out the video after the jump. And after you've watched the video, scroll down to check out a slide show of GOTG lulz.

Spoiler Alert:
Here is a scene from Guardians of the Galaxy 2: War of Kings.

guardians of the galaxy star lord dad howard the duck spoilers ihatepeacocks Hee Hee.....
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