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Hopefully a lazy day

August 24, 2014

Video of the Day:

Doctor Who is back

Yesterday we watched the Series 8 premiere "Deep Breath".
It was a good introduction for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.
While I enjoyed it, as a whole, the episode was just So-So.
It was not the acting, as that was the most solid part of the episode.
Capaldi was great as was Jenna Coleman. Plus Lady Vastra, Jenny and Strax were awesome as always. But the story was the biggest downside of this episode.
It felt either silly or too serious, but it never found a balance between the two.
The Plot was just another Steven Moffat cram a bunch of things into
the episode and end it fantastically

  • The Doctor dazed and confused
  • A dinosaur running around 19th Century London
  • The Clockwork robots are back, sort of
  • Great banter with Clara, Jenny and Vastra
  • The Doctor runs away in his PJ's
  • Clara and The Doctor have a spat
  • Clara talks down the Clockwork Robots
  • Vastra, Jenny and Strax to the rescue
  • The Doctor goes off to stop the main bad guy alone
  • The others battle the minor bad guys
  • A Skin Balloon
  • The Doctor either murders the lead baddy or convinces him to kill himself
  • Matt Smith calls Clara to tell her to like the new Doctor
  • Clara and The new Doctor decide to get along
  • A new mysterious villain named "Missy" is introduced at the very end


And one thing that really bugged me:
WAY TOO MUCH STEAMPUNK. Especially that new intro, ughh.
I still have high hopes for this season. This New Doctor has the capacity to be dark and mature. Something that Matt Smith never really did well.
Plus, this new villain "Missy", well I think it's The Rani.
And the end scene was the garden in her TARDIS:

doctor who missy the master the rani season series 8 ihatepeacocks spoilers Missy, The Master and The Rani

On a completely unexpected note, Jenny (Catrin Stewart) looked quite goregous.
Check out pics of her and some other pics from the episode below.
I've also added some spoiler(ish) photos of Michelle Gomez as Missy I nicked from a WalesOnline article that features a lot of behind the scenes pics from the 12th episode of Series 8. So, watch the slideshow at your own risk.

doctor who jenny catrin stewart sexy deep breath season series 8 ihatepeacocks Catrin Stewart as Jenny is not just an intelligent badass woman warrior but beautiful to boot.

Doctor Who Day

August 23, 2014

natasha khan bat for lashes strangelove ihatepeacocks Her voice is perfect for this song

Today Peter Capaldi takes over as The Doctor

I am looking forward to seeing how he plays The Doctor.
But I am hoping for less fantastical stories this season.
A more serious tone, but not too serious.
And no more fairy tale endings, please, can you do that Moffat?
No matter what, I'm in it for the long haul.



Here are some funny pictures just for you


August 22, 2014

Song of the Day - Jane's Addiction "STOP"


The Colorado Springs Nerd Community has been dealt a sad loss.
David Wacks, the man who started GalaxyFest, has passed away.
David was a good guy and had a lot of friends in our nerd community.
All of us here at ihatepeacocks are very sad at his passing.
Our hearts go out to his family.
Dave, you will be missed.


These past few weeks have been the busiest I've been all year.
While I haven't posted a lot lately, I have been working on expanding the
ihatepeacocks empire, or at least lining up some opportunities for us.
More on that in September, I Promise.

I did find time to create some new music.
Click the pic to check out my newest track on
Our click this to check out all the tunes on our music page.


hannibal tv television will graham music song soundtrack ihatepeacocks My homage to the first episode of Hannibal

Here are some other things that have caught my attention lately,
starting with some new(ish) music from Underworld:

sander van doorn mark knight underworld ten music ihatepeacocks video This is the short version, but you can find the full 6+ minute version on YouTube.
honest trailer captain america winter soldier ihatepeacocks video link Really, it's a good Marvel Movie and this Honest Trailer makes note of that.
batman assualt on arkham harley quinn the joker yahtzee ihatepeacocks I watched this the other night. Not bad, not great but not bad. Worth the time at least.
icp fans charged with attempted murder ihatepeacocks I wish this wasn't true, but it is. Click to read more...
nicki minaj anaconda lulz troll link j-lo ihatepeacocks I don't see what all the fuss is about, there isn't that much ass in this video
rainbow dicks meme colorado ihatepeacocks Awesome meme from our friend Tiffany.
lauren cohan see through bra sexy the walking dead ihatepeacocks SEXY PHOTO OF THE DAY - LAUREN COHAN
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