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August 28, 2014

Today's Creepy  Cacophony

max headroom pirate broadcast 1987 chicago wtf Click to watch/listen. Read the description for all the details.

Your GIF of the Day:

August 27, 2014

Today's Haunting  Sound:

sound of neptune space nasa voyager ihatepeacocks Neptune has always kind of scared me, simply because once you go past that, you're pretty much in open space...

But for contrast, here is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard
and it's about a planet as well:
Mercury from the Sunshine Soundtrack
It was an Underworld song originally called "Jelly Blue"
and emblished by composer John Murphy.
The Song was used in the movie when the crew watch Mercury pass over the sun.
Click this pic to listen to it in it's full glory:

underworld jelly blue mercury sunshine soundtrack ihatepeacocks So beautiful

In addition to the song being beautiful, the scene is powerful as well.
The first human beings to see the planet Mercury with their own eyes.
They sit in awe and simply watch it pass by the sun.
I think this is one of the best scenes in SciFi history if not movie history:

sunshine mercury sun scene danny boyle movie underworld ihatepeacocks Click to watch

Now for a change of pace...

Here is a GREAT list from of John Carpenter's 10 best films:



The Roman and I are both pretty excited about the possibility of Ridley Scott
making a Blade Runner 2. There have been rumors for a while, but it seems it's a lot further along than anyone thought:

blade runner 2 news Click to read more from The AV Club

August 26, 2014

Today's Eerie Sonic Sensation:

dark 5 video list 5 most mysterious unexplained sounds CLICK TO LISTEN/WATCH

#5 on the list is UVB-76 or "The Buzzer". This one creeps me out much in the same way the mock Emergency Broadcast Alert for a Nuclear strike does.
UVB-76 has been broadcasting more or less the same thing for 3 decades and no one really knows what the purpose it. Sure, there have been boat loads of theories. Most are pretty stupid conspiracy type bullshit, but some of the theories are very plausible.
Fun fact: In August 2010 and January 2013 it's message changed breifly.
If you wanna have some fun, google NAIMINA.

And in other news...

Here are some stories that caught my eye. Click each pic to read the full article.

cracked article 5 exposed frauds From our friends at
30 movie plots solved in 5 minutes with common sense Another great photoplasty list from
indie scifi movie list from clonevandal on imgur I would put 3 of these movies in my top 50 SciFi flicks of all time!
dracula tomb grave discovered vald tepes vampire ihatepeacocks Hey Researchers, you're gonna die. You know that right?

AUGUST 25, 2014


The world is full of sounds. Some beautiful and relaxing, some terrifying & horrible.
This week I am going to be posting sounds, recordings and/or events captured on audio that creep me out. Sometimes its not the actually noise that I find eerie, but the situation that goes with it.

Today's sounds all come from the scariest creature on earth:

operation wandering soul ghost tape number 10 Click to listen and learn more
the original night stalker answering machine message serial killer Click to listen
jim jones jonestown drink the kool-aid tapes CLick to listen to Jim Jones convince his followers to kill themselves
sponge bob square pants theme slowed down by 800% creepy hell I have yet to be able to make it thru till the end.
emergency broadcast system alert for nuclear attack against the united states While this is only a test broadcast, the instructions it gives are accurate
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