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September 7, 2014

Are ya ready fer sum foooball?

While the NFL season officially started Thursday September 4th, just about every team is playing today. And as far as I'm concerned, the season doesn't start until I see my Cleveland Browns Lose Play.

The Roman has been sending me some awesome Clevelan Browns related stories over the past few weeks to help get me in the mood for the season.
Check them out:

cleveland browns fan pees on art modell lol Click to read more
cleveland browns johnny football manziel jersey Click to order yours.
Click to read more from The Pope about Cleveland

September 6, 2014

This is what I did all day:

September 5, 2014

If there is a Heaven and she somehow got in, I hope she makes fun of what God is wearing for the rest of eternity.

Now before you get all butthurt about the picture...
We were fans of Joan Rivers and we thought she was a pioneer.
She had one of the sharpest tongues in the business and her quick wit putdowns
were hysterical except maybe when you were on the receiving end.
She made fun of her own plastic surgery "addiction" many times.
So, me making a joke about her dying from complications from a surgery
would probably make her laugh. But, if you're still offended...
Go Fuck Yourself.

Song of the Day:
Static-X - Lunatic



"Industrial Dancing"

If you have no idea what it is, watch as much of this as you can make it thru:


Time to get on my cranky old man soap box here...
I just don't get this so called Industrial Dancing.
Or Cyber Goth Gyrations Or Ravers with Gas Masks Or whatever the fuck.
I know it is kind of fading out nowadays, but I just find it so horribly stupid looking.
I'm not gonna lie, a big part of my distaste for it is the music.
I hate what these people think is Industrial Music.
It's just crappy rave tunes with Vocal Distortion.
But the people who are into this take this shit way too serious.
Don't ask me why but I went thru YouTube and found my 4 favorite
Industrial Dance Videos.
I challenge you to watch all of them, all the way thru.
Who I am kidding, I couldn't even do that.

You get the feeling she just does this because her boyfriend here is REALLY into this shit.
When not teaching lessons at his studio, this guy is working on some Next Level fishnet gloves.
This "dance crew" has matching outfits & special effects.
Holy shit, this is my favorite one. Skip ahead to the 2:00 minute mark & check the band out. Yes, they are serious. And Yes, they think they look cool which is proof that no one likes them enough to tell them the sad truth.

September 4, 2014

Song of the Day
Placebo - Space Monkey



The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cinemasins and Honest Trailers switched places, sort of.
Here is Cinemasins doing an "Honest Trailer" for Spider-Man 5:

And here's Honest Trailers doing a Cinemasins for the remake of Spider-Man 3.
You know, the one with Andrew Garfield playing the part of Tobey Maguire:


September 3, 2014

Song of the Day:
Pharrell Williams w/Daft Punk - "Gust of Wind"



Speaking of Daft Punk:

Guy-Mauel is rumored to be working on a new Solo Album!
I just hope the Duo Tour before his album drops.
Click here to read more.
If you want to hear some music Guy-Manuel has produced outside of Daft Punk,
Click this pic to listen to Kavinsky's "Nightcall" from the movie Drive:

Let's talk useless sequels

I think the worst one released in the past 2 weeks has got to be
Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For.
This movie is 92% CGI FX, 4% clevage & ass shots & 2% "acting".
If you need further proof of that, just click this pic to read an article from


September 2, 2014

Sometimes, I just can't wrap my brain around shit.
And in this case, I don't even wanna try.
Check out this "interpretive dance" rendition of Silent Hill:



If you're gonna do a Silent Hill dance number, do it like this:


On second thought, no one should do a "dance number" based on Silent Hill.
Just fear the shit out of Pyramid Head and hope you die before he gets to you.
Because if you hear this music walking down the street some day,
You're Fucked:


Since we're talking about Silent Hill,
if you want to buy me something for my birthday next week, buy me this:

silent hill pyramid head figma ihatepeacocks The Pyramid Head figure from Tokyo Otaku Mode

And so my favorite months begin

September 1, 2014

Song of the Day - Earth, Wind and Fire "September"
(Like I'd pick anything else on this day)

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