4.) Howard the Duck (1986) - Lea Thompson in her Prime, hair and all, makes it with a Duck from Outer Space or is it another dimension or does it matter at this point? She has SEX WITH A TALKING DUCK. Plus the monster Jeffery Jones becomes (in the movie and in real life) is just weird and gross.
Also, The Duck Boobs scene.

5.) Short Circuit 2 (1988) - Come on, Johnny 5 has a Mohawk. Bad enough that this sequel was made just to cash in on the "success" of the original, the fact that Steve Guttenberg chose to do Cocoon: The Return instead of reprising his role from Short Circuit 1 should tell you everything you need to know about this 80's gem.

6.) My Science Project (1985) - Horrible Special Effects and Cliches about Nerds & Jocks that would make even The Big Bang Theory's writers cringe make this flick a cheese factory of 80's crap. The fact the Fisher Stevens looks like an Oscar Caliber Actor next to Dennis Hopper make this steaming pile of a movie so cheesy you could pour it over your old VHS tapes.