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NOVEMBER 28, 2014

The Force has Awakened

The Official Star Wars Episode VII Trailer has been released.
Here you go:

My biggest fear for this movie was that there was NOT going to be a red lightsaber wielding bad guy. Well, it seems I have nothing to fear.

star wars the force awakens sith red lightsaber Click this for a wallpaper sized version
star wars the force awakens x-wings Besides the Lightsaber scene, this was my favorite.
star wars the force awakens gif falcon The old girl still has it where it counts
star wars the force awakens title wallpaper Click for wallpaper sized

NOVEMBER 27, 2014


November 26, 2014

Movie Stuff


I am sick of Reboots, Remakes and Re-envisionings.
I watched the Jurassic World trailer yesterday and all I could think was
"Wow, I've seen this movie before, THREE TIMES!"
With the exception of Chris Pratt as a leading man, I see no reason for even making this movie. Watch the Trailer for yourself:

Sure, the CGI Dinosaurs look great for CGI Dinosaurs, but the plot is pretty much exactly the same as the three previous movies.
And what's up with this Excite Bike Velociraptor Scene:


There is a whole rash of useless remakes on the horizon,
Mad Max: Fury Road, Point Break and Fantastic Four just to name a few.
But the one that I am torn about is Blade Runner 2.
Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. But based on Ridley Scott's recent movies (I'm looking at you Prometheus) I am terrified that this new sequel will suck.
But then again, the chance to see that vision of the future
on the big screen again in a new story is alluring.
Ridley Scott recently confirmed that filming will start next year and that Harrison Ford is attached to the project in some way. Click the pic to read more:

If Hollywood is going to remake everything, then I hope they remake
The Last Starfighter.
After reading this on, it sounds like it will never happen.
But think about how cool that would be and
how amazing those space battles would look with today's CGI.
Check out this fan made "Modern" trailer:


In Star Wars News
The FIRST Trailer for Episode VII - The Force Awakens hits theaters this Friday.
Click the pic for details:


Here is a movie I want to see this Christmas:


NOVEMBER 25, 2014


I am saddened by the decision to not prosecute the cop who shot Michael Brown?
I am surprised that the police officer in question is not going to be charged?
W.E.B. Dubois's quote came to mind:
A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect.
Time and time again, we've seen this scenario play out.
This protest sign drives that point home:



I am not going to rant on this. Instead, here is a gallery of pics, mostly of tweets, that really sums up how I am feeling:

While I don't condone the looting and rioting at all, I hate how people use the rioting as an excuse to justify the military tactics of the police. I don't remember seeing National Guard sent in to pacify these situations:

I'll Leave you with these four tweets...

NOVEMBER 24, 2014

We're Back


Yes, we haven't been posting much these past fews weeks.
But that ends now.
Instead of playing catch up and going over everything we've missed,
here is something new. These are a two of The Walking Dead prints I am working on:



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