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I've got miles to go before I sleep and shit

February 6, 2014

We are going to see Touché Amoré & Drug Church tonight in Denver.

drug church sotd paul walker youtube comments ihatepeacocks Check out this whole album "Paul Walker" before it dies.



Click each of the following and enjoy.

The new "International" trailer for Hannibal Season 2.....Holy Shit.
It's all fun and sex until....
Damn, you gotta admit, they've got some moves.

Time to play catch up

February 1-5

I've been too busy to update much this week, so here are some SOTD gems
for the days I missed.

ROT and assimilate | Hot to ANNIHILATE
I'd marry this woman in a heartbeat
After the bigoted reaction to the Coke Superbowl commercial, this song seems fitting somehow
Natasha Khan haunts me
I dedicate this to my little Pop & Lock man.
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