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Mash It Up

February 16, 2014

daft punk queen party ben sotd ihatepeacocks sotd Pretty good old school 2004 style mash-up from Party Ben

Download tons of free classic mash ups from Party Ben

Here is a personal favorite from Party Ben, a Bat for Lashes Mash Up.





russian meteor 2013 putin Russian Meteor Blast Thrust Asteroid Danger into Spotlight 1 Year Ago Today
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nerdist justice league valentines day lulz Valentine's Day at the Justice League

Lots of love in the air today

February 14, 2014

sotd 1000 homo djs supernaut ministry nin ihatepeacocks 1991 One of my favorite covers from one of my favorites bands from back in the day


galaxyfest 2014 big trouble little china ihatepeacocks colorado springs Click to check out the Facebook Event Page

, in conjunction with the good folks from GalaxyFest and the Blissfest333 film festival, are very happy to share one of our favorite movies with you. We will be screening BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA this year at GalaxyFest in
Colorado Springs on Friday February 21st at 4pm in the Main Events room! 

We will be doing some John Carpenter Movie Trivia before the movie starts with some tasty prizes. Come on down and join us for some good times with Ol’ Jack Burton and The Pork Chop Express.

Visit GalaxyFest’s site for tickets and more info on the Con.


Here is an article about GalaxyFest from the that mentions us!


Happy Valentine's Day ihatepeacocks style.


Every Year here at ihatepeacocks, I make Valentines Cards for everyone to share.
Here are my 2014 "Interplanetary" Valentines:

And here is a collection of both new and classic ihatepeacocks Valentines
and some rather choice romanitc poems and such:


February 11, 2014

Here is some shit you need to watch:

key and peele liam neeson liam neesons video Damn, Liam Neeson just went up 1000 EPIC points
Ruin Movies with Inappropriate Soundtracks - Indiana Jones Come on down!
Ruin Movies with Inappropriate Music - Dark Knight Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
This is pure WIN
 Lorde Performs At The Grammys Without Auto-tune I think I prefer this version

So jam packed with sweetness, you'll get a cavity

February 10, 2014

Listen to Amadeus rock this shit!

Olympics, Zombies, Cops and stuff


I love the Winter Olympics.
There is a lot of drama around this Olympics it seems.
I personally think people are just being hyper-sensitive about it.
I don't want to say anything bad the Sochi Olympics because I fear Putin will show up at my door and put an end to me.


The Walking Dead has Returned!


Part two of Season 4 of The Walking Dead kicked off last night with the episode "After".
It was a really good episode that focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne only.
It sheds no light on any of the other characters with the exception of Hershel's head.
It was a great episode that saw both Michonne and Carl's character grow.
It was also the most faithful adaptation of the Comics (Issue 48-50) to date.
But as is the case with all great episodes of The Walking Dead,
it spawned many a great meme:


True Detective


Last night's episode of True Detective "Who Goes There" pulled off what has got to be
the greatest continuous shot action scene in all of Television History!

The episode has started out the same as the previous 3.
Lots of focus on the two main characters doing their job and then shifting focus to their personal lives, specifically Woody Harrelson. The second half of the episode goes into overdrive and starts spiraling into dark territory.
They get a lead and McConaughey's Rust Cohle takes over.
(Here is a good review from the AV Club)

The last 10 minutes of the show were truly something amazing.
Not only did it seal the deal for taking this show from Good to Great,
but it was pure cinematic glory in its scope and scale.
A 6+ minute, uninterrupted shot of an intense action sequence that turned an entire neighborhood into a warzone between police, gangbangers and drug running bikers.
I don't want ruin it so let me just say that I was literally breathless from the intensity of watching it by the time the credits rolled.

Click to read how The Director talks about how they filmed the scene
hbo true detective ihatepeacocks who goes there Click to read a review from
Click to read an interview with the series director
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