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Up in here, Up in here

February 19, 2014

Time to get our late 80's Industrial Dance Music on!

Totally Boss!

YOUR GOD IS DEAD because he listened to this song.
boss dances like a boss video link The dude has some moves...



The ihatepeacocks family will be there throughout the weekend.
We'll have a booth set up all three days.
We're gonna have some sweet schwag for sale from the vaults
like signed & graded Walking Dead comics, toys and boxes of $1 comics.



  • Riffing Starcrash in the Main Events Room at 10:30am.
  • We'll be screening Big Trouble in Little China at 4pm in the main events room.


  • We will be doing a "How to Riff Cheesy Movies" panel from 2-3pm.


  • We will be Riffing a movie from 4-6pm in the Learning Center,
  • but I don't know what movie yet.

We'll be live updating our
Tumblr blog, Facebook page & instagram account each day.

We are in Carcosa now.

February 18, 2014

Yes, I like Depeche Mode. Yes, I am OK with that.

True Detective


This shows continues to amaze me. This last episode, The Secret Fate of All Life, was quite the mind-bender. And the Occult references were off the chart.
The Carcosa Mythology was front and center, at one point a character actually says
"You're in Carcosa now".
There were more references to "The King in Yellow" by Robert Chambers.
Here are some articles that will help you understand the Carcosa Mythology and how it ties into True Detective:


Michael M. Hughes explains The King in Yellow on


Alyssa Rosenberg charts the Carcosa Mythology

Read "An Inhabitant of Carcosa", the first published story on this mysterious city

true detective occult yellow king tall man Click to read a review discussion of the newest episode on

Cinema Schtuff


First up, here is a list of Indie SciFi films compiled by Janos Honkonen on Vornasblogi:

This is a good list of movies

Next, here is a pretty good trailer for Fight Club
recut to make it resemble The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

IMO, this is the worst movie theme song of all time:

Lastly, Bad Mojo Jeff shared this with us.
Some really great 3D style Animated .gifs and creating them using a simple effect.
Click this gif to read more:

These are pretty cool and easier to make than I thought.


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galaxyfest 2014 big trouble little china ihatepeacocks colorado springs Click to check out the Facebook Event Page

ihatepeacocks will be at GalaxyFest 2014 this year.
We will have a booth set up for all three days.
We'll be screening one of our favorite movies as a Main Event on Friday:
We will also be doing a couple of Movie Riffs on Saturday and Sunday.
Hope to see a lot of the peacock faithful there this year.
Come on down, trust me. We'll make it fun.

Click to view the GalaxyFest/Blissfest 333 Film Festival event on Facebook
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