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Here are the Pics from Day One:

Here are Pics from Day Two:

Don't really have a lot of pics from Day Three
because I was an IDIOT and forgot to put the memory card back in the camera before I went back up to Denver.
But, here is what I took with my phone:

starfest 2012 ihatepeacocks slave leia denver colorado Click

Starfest 2012

Check out pics from our time at Starfest 2012



starfest 2013 ihatepeacocks denver colorado Click

Starfest 2013

Check out pics from our times at Starfest 2013



starfest 2009 ihatepeacocks sexy star wars cosplay Click

Check out pics from our 2009 trip to StarFest. This was an epic year, StarFest took place just a few months after we launched the original website, so this was kind of our celebration con!




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