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For your ears

 I like to make music.
Below are some remixes I've done as well as some original songs.

Download my Bat for Lashes remix and enjoy:

ihatepeacocks's edit of Bat for Lashes "Laura (graffiti on mars)"
MP3 audio file [10.6 MB]

Check out our Song of the Day playlist to revisit music we've posted :

A collection of our Songs of the Day for 2014

Here are just a few of ihatepeacocks favorite tracks:

This is the theme song/intro to Portlandia, One of the best songs of the 21st Century
click to listen


A longer version of this classic Underworld instrumental



click to listen or download

River of Bass

An alternate version of the mellow masterpiece from Underworld



click to listen


A beautiful track from the under appreciated movie Code 46.
This song is just one of the amazing tracks from this soundtrack.

click to listen

Robby's Song

An incredible creepy and yet beautiful song from World Famous. This was used as the theme song to the movie Tomie.



we have a ghost the secret ihatepeacocks click to listen

The Secret

An amazing remix that actually adds to the greatness of the original by
We Have A Ghost



massive attack paradise circus luther ihatepeacocks click to listen

Paradise Circus

Massive Attack's Paradise Circus, this is the version used for the tv show Luther.


tron legacy rinzler basic slack remix soundtrack daft punk Click to activate project Rinzler

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